Wendy’s Menu Prices

Wendy’s restaurant comes in the third position after Burger King and McDonald’s restaurant in providing first class hamburger meals. It was founded in 1969 by Dave Thomas in Columbia, Ohio. Currently, it has over 6500 locations distributed across the globe. It is a restaurant designed for the high end market just like its competitors. The main meals consist of hamburgers, beef and chicken sandwiches, drinks, French fries and frosted meals. The shape of the hamburgers is square; which has given them a trademark. The most outstanding concept of Wendy’s restaurant is fresh and quality meals as well as a variety of food items on the menu. You will be spoilt for choice when you have no idea of what you want to eat. You cannot forget to notice the great ambience and customer service practiced in the restaurant. It is welcoming and heartwarming.


Menu items and prices

The menu can fit both the kids, adult ages and special needs individuals.

Kids’ meals

They are four varieties of kids’ meals in Wendy’s restaurant. They include hamburgers, cheeseburgers, four pieces of chicken nuggets and grilled chicken wraps. All these are available at a cost of under $4. Any of the meals is accompanied by a soft drink and a side of choice.

Hot and cold beverages

Beverages served in Wendy’s fast food joint accommodate all nutritive needs of various consumers. They are all under $3 and come in three sizes of cups, small, medium and large. They are in three flavors that are: green tea and all natural or strawberry lemonade.


There are four drink flavors in the restaurant. They include soft drinks, freshly brewed iced tea, nestle bottled water and low-fat Trumoo milk. All available in three cup sizes (small, medium and large). They are available in less than $3.

Roasters hot drinks are also available in different varieties too. Hot tea, hot coffee and Iced coffee of different flavors of vanilla, caramel, and strawberry.


The restaurant boasts of freshly baked snacks which are always available. They include oatmeal, chocolate or sugar cookies, and Espresso Chip bar.


Frosties served at the restaurant are thick with different flavors too and combinations available. They can be served in small, medium and larger jars. Vanilla and chocolate flavors are all available. Frosties are less than $2.50.


Wendy’s sides accompany major meals. They can be served in small, large, medium and family size quantities. They also include natural fries, chili fries, cheese fries; ice creamed baked potatoes, meaty chilies, and salads.


The restaurant prepares fresh salads with different fruits. The most common are the apple, BBQ, spicy and cashew nuts combined with chicken. They are served in two quantities – half and full measurements.

Chicken combo

In less than $8 you can be served with a tender juicy chicken accompanied by a drink and a side of choice. The chicken menu has made Wendy’s restaurant outstanding for they have a variety which meets different races. There are the local chicken, Asian chicken and spicy chicken to give you the comfort of your kitchen away from home.


Cheeseburgers have also put Wendy’s restaurant on the limelight for all the good reasons. They serve hot and juicy cheeseburgers with bacon accompanied by a drink and a choice of side. All these are available in less than $9.

$4 menu

This is a unique meal which costs $4. It takes the limited time to prepare but gives you a choice of the type of chicken and a salad you may want to accompany with it. It also comes with a drink and a side of choice.

All the meals are served with all the nutritive components put into consideration. The cheese meals use low fat diets to ensure the harmful cholesterol does not accompany the meals. The method of cooking –grilling is recommended by health experts. For it preserves all the nutritive value of the ingredients.  The salads use ingredients which are locally sourced and fresh. This has given Wendy’s a niche in the preparation of fresh, juicy and tasty meals.


Wendy’s is a fast food joint for delicious cheeseburgers, hamburgers, baconators, cold soft drinks, frosties and hot beverages. The prices are affordable as well as meet the demands of all persons with different tastes of food. Additionally, the restaurant provides the meals in different quantities at different prices to meet avoid wastage and making meals affordable to all. The signature of Wendy’s restaurants is the square shape hamburgers which they have maintained over the years.



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