Taco Bell Menu Prices

Taco Bell menu

Taco Bell is a fast food restaurant with low menu prices and is open as late as 2 a.m.  It serves specialty menus of Tex-Mexs food styles. The affordability of its meals makes it maximally visited across all the over 5,000 joints across the Unites States. The food styles include Tacos, nachos, burritos and quesadillas, specialties, desserts, cravings, power menu, grilled meals, soft and cold drinks; combo meals, breakfast, sides and morning servings.


The Taco menu is affordable at less than $2. There is also a special offer of 12 persons at a cost of $11.99. The menu consists of soft and crunchy taco supreme meal, double decker taco with either beef or chicken combination. It also has Doritos Locos of Naco cheese, Fiery or cool ranch. The Taco meals do not have any accompaniments. Additionally, the meal can either be regular or supreme as a measure of different size quantities.

Burittos menu

The burittos menu can be in any these three food combinations, chicken, beef or potato. Additionally, there are also burritos menus which are prepared in layers in those vegetables mixed in the meal plans. The chicken and beef menu can either be grilled or smothered. They are also served as regular or supreme depending on your size requirements. Cheese burittos is also a separate meal served in this menu. It is a special meal in this category.


These meal menus in Taco Bell restaurant costs less than $3. They are only three meals available in this menu plan. They include nachos supreme, Chili Nachos, and Nacho Bellgrande.


Taco Bell offers a variety of special meals. They include a combination of any of the following, steak, beef or chicken. They are prepared to meet a specific type of people. They are readily available in order and your convenience. It is served as Quesarito, Gordita, Double Tostada, Meximelt, Quesadilla, Cheesy Gordita, Doritos Cheesy Gordita (crunches)


Desserts are served in the menu to accommodate a single two people, four and twelve persons. They include Caramel Apple Empanada, Cinnamon Delights, and cinnamon Twists all in less than $1.5 apart from the 12 pack which is about $5.

Power menu

This menu is served in either cantina power bowl or cantina power buritto. You have a choice to either order chicken, beef or veggie. Vegetarians are well catered for in Taco Bell.

Cravings menu

A unique meal in the restaurant is the cravings menu. It feels the gap of all your cravings of specific meal combinations. It caters for chicken, potato, beef and spicy meals which are the major foods that people crave for. It is well prepared with fresh ingredients to meet the cravings. Any of the meal cost just $1.

Main meals

The main meal consists of any of the following foods, burrito, and Taco. It can either be chicken or beef. They have the same cost of less than $1.90. They are served together with medium drinks and Doritos chips.

Combo meals

Taco Bell boasts of varieties of main meal accompanied with drinks. They are prepared to cater for all ages both adults and kids. You have a choice to choose beef, chicken, potato, or cheese combinations with any other side meals. They are also served in two different sizes which are regular or supreme. Supreme is of larger quantity compared to the regular meals and it also costs higher. The cost ranges from $4-$7.


Taco Bell also serves soft drinks as well as cold/iced and hot drinks. Juices of different flavors are also served in the restaurant. They come in different sizes depending on your order. Hot coffee and Iced coffee is also available in the menu.


The restaurants also have grilled meals of beef, chicken or potato all served at the same price.

Limited time menu

If you do not have time to sample all the meals, Taco Bell has limited time menu plans which are  a simple with accompanied with a soda. It also has a pack which can serve 12 persons. It is a great meal plan when you are in a hurry and have no idea of what you want to eat; all you require is just a simple meal. This meal plan is a combination of any of the above described meal in a simple form.

Generally, Taco Bell caters for all major meals from breakfast to lunch and even dinner. They also accommodate a variety of food tastes depicted in different meal plans displayed in their menus. It is a restaurant which tries to meet the demand of fast food meals within a limited time.



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