Starbucks Menu Prices

Starbucks is a renowned restaurant for all your coffee needs. It has presence on over 60 countries throughout the globe. The prices are relatively expensive compared to other same-level coffee shops. Apart from coffee, Starbucks serves snacks, tea, sandwiches and pastry varieties. In the evenings; from 4 p.m. the restaurant serves beers and wines. There are four sizes of drinks renamed in their own language, a small size represents tall, medium size represents Grande, large represents venti and extra-large represents

Starbucks Menu Reviews

There are five categories of meals

Espresso, coffee and tea drinks

This category serves: coffees, chocolate, tea, peppermint, slated caramel, pumpkin spice, tea, caffeinate drinks and skinny vanilla. They are available in four different sizes. Caffeinated drinks cost less than $4.65. The largest size of white chocolate costs approximately $4.35. Freshly brewed coffee is affordable at a cost of $1.85 for the largest cup size. Cinnamon Dolce latte, Caramel Flan Latte and skinny vanilla do not have the extra-large size but the venti costs around $4.65. Pumpkin Spice Latte, Salted Caramel Mocha and Toasted Graham Latte are served as limited time meals they costs averagely $4.50.

Frappuccino, iced coffee and refreshments

This menu serves iced coffee, Macho, straw berry with crème, vanilla bean crème, salted caramel mocha, cool lime, tivana shaken iced or green tea  and evolution fresh. Iced coffee is served with either milk or without milk in any of the four different sizes.  Apart from evolution fresh, which costs $5.95, the rest of the drinks are less than $4.00 for the largest sizes. The drinks take into consideration different nutrition needs; green tea serves customers under ml caution on caffeinated drinks. The sweeteners in their Frappuccino consist of milk, coffee, ice, sugar, food colors and crème.


The bakery section of the restaurants provides baked meals to accompany the drinks. There are different flavors available to suit diverse tastes. Some of the flavors include; cheese, vanilla, butter, chocolate, banana, lemon, pumpkin, pepperoni and apples. All the flavors cost less than $2 apart from peperoni, which is slightly higher by $1. Pumpkin scone, pumpkin crème and Apple cake are limited time meals. The bakery meals include cakes, scones, crème, muffins, buns, bread croissant, cookies and fold overs of desired flavors. Most of them are wheat products integrated with either banana or pumpkins. The restaurant offers unique bakery products renowned worldwide.


Starbucks offers varieties of all-day breakfast meal. They include oatmeal, sandwiches, wraps and, sausages. The ingredients integrate bacon, egg, turkey and spinach as one entity in any of the meals. The meal consists of low fat. The protein content this menu complement the balanced diet recommended by health experts. In all the menu prices, the breakfast meals cost more than $3.75 and are prepared by either baking or roasting method of cooking.

Lunch meals and snacks

In as much as Starbucks is renowned for drinks, lunchtime meals are available in the restaurant. The meals are inclusive of vitamin, carbohydrate and vitamins for a complete the balanced diet. They use either grilling or frying as the cooking method. The protein products offered include chicken, turkey, cheese and wheat sandwiches. A unique meal in this category is the birthday pop, which costs approximately $1.95. The rest of the meals cost averagely $4.95. Hamburger meals are also available. You cannot miss to notice the bistro protein meal available for either proteins or fruits.


In the recent past, Starbucks have increased their prices, due to customer loyalty and their trending coffee products. The hard drink menu was initiated on March 2014 due to customer demand. The restaurant offers loyalty points to enjoy free drinks when you accumulate specific number of points, subject to from time to time. They have embraced technology by designing their App to check on current price lists as well as make an order in advance. You can also pay using the credit cards and any other online payment system.

Every meal served at Starbuck has nutritional information on calories and nutrition content. Based on online customer reviews, the restaurant provides delicious meals with simple and fresh ingredients.  Over the years, it is the most recognized coffee shop with lunchtime meals. Beer and wine varieties are available in the evenings. All calibers of persons-the young and the old have what to eat in the restaurant. Since the meals are handcrafted, specific diet for persons with special diet requirement have a meal to enjoy.

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