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Sonic is a restaurant of its kind, apart from the walk-in customers, the restaurants have customized service using roller skates. The founder, Troy Smith, was inspired by a similar drive –in fast food joint, which prompted his decision in 1953 to establish his own.  Sonic has 35,000 chains of restaurants distributed across different states; the menu prices vary from one joint to another depending on location. However, the food served is standardized. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with diverse meals ranging from hamburgers, beef and chicken sandwiches, sides and treats. This is the place to quench all your cravings.sonic


The menu are classified into nine categories


Combo meals are full course meals accompanied by fries, medium-size soft drinks or medium-size tots.  Some of the meals like popcorn and chicken have two sizes- medium and large. Otherwise, the rest are normal servings. The combos are main ingredients include chicken, bacon or cheeseburgers with an option to order the desired number of chicken pieces. Grilling or baking is the main food preparation methods. The Chefs play around with the three ingredients to prepare unique and tasty meals. The combos cost averagely $4.50.

Hot dogs

This menu has only two serving cheese bacon or normal hot dog, which costs $2.99 and $2.09 respectively.


Chicken is the trademark for fast food restaurants.  Sonic chicken meals flavors include garlic, honey, chili, extreme heat and buffalo. They are limited time meals prepared through traditional or modern cooking method.  The chicken meal is purely wings of 6, 12, or 24 pieces. The minimum number of pieces costs $4.89 while the maximum costs$16.99.


Sonic side dishes have distinct sizes, which include mini, small, medium, large and family. The side dishes are popcorn chicken, fries, onion rings, tots and mozzarella sticks. The mini sides cost averagely $1, small sides’ costs $2.50, medium sides costs $3.50, large sides costs $4.50 while the family size costs averagely$ 5.50.

Daily meals

These are variety of snacks, which costs approximately $1.99. They include breakfast, grilled cheese, cheeseburger, vanilla crème, ices tea, tots, fries, corn dog, executive breakfast, breakfast burrito and chicken sandwiches.


A breakfast meal at Sonic is available at any time of the day. They include combos accompanied by fries, tots, coffee. The price ranges from, $2-$6 depending on the meal.

Kids’ meals

The kids also have something to enjoy at Sonic. A side, a drink and an entrée accompany their meals. The main kids’ meals include burgers, hot dogs, corn dogs, chicken strips and grilled cheese. The most expensive meal in this category costs $3.59.


Drinks served are in small, medium, large or route 44 sizes. They include soft drinks, candy, famous or fruit slashes, ocean water, orange juice, energy drinks, roast coffee, bottled water and signature limeades. The small drinks cost $1.50, medium costs 2.19, large costs 2.29 while route 44 costs $2.49 for any of the drinks.

Frozen zone

These are the frozen meals served in four sizes, mini, small, medium and large. They include shakes, blasts, treats, floats, cake or cone sundae.  The price ranges from $1.99-$5.99 depending on the size.


The restaurant has offers for specific meals on specific days. It is advisable you install their application to get timely updates on the current offers and pricing. The application also guides you to find a sonic joint near you. All meals offered at Sonic have nutritive guide with all the information on calories, and nutritive content, which is a priority to many consumers. The meals are prepared using fresh and locally available ingredients, in case of imports; they have met the global standardization on hygiene and nutritive content.

The huge presence of sonic restaurant is because of successful franchise system, customer demand and the drive-in set up. The prices are relatively higher that other stores which offer similar foods, but the ambience and good customer service makes Sonic to stand out. They also have value-added services, which retain their customers as well as encourage new customers to fall in love with the brand. The restaurant serves all meals at any time of the day; this has increase their market share compared to competition. The menu plans accommodate all calibers of persons from the young to the old with all nutritive considerations factored in. However, customers who require there recipes cannot access since this is their trade weapon.

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