Burger King Menu Prices

Burger King, commonly known as BK, is an internationally renowned chain of fast food restaurants comparable to McDonald’s. It was founded in 1953 in Jacksonville, Florida and now boasts 12,000 chains across the globe.  It targets the high-end fast food market, depicted by their relatively expensive menu prices. The main menu has a combination of burgers, fries, and drinks, while other servings include: value menu, salads, sides, desserts, soft drinks and smoothies. These are mainly for adults. The kids are not left out either, and their breakfast menu includes the main menu combined with special offerings of oatmeal, small coffees, hash browns, drinks, breakfast platters, and other options off the value menu.


Menu combinations

The menu ranges from products of both beef and chicken. Strict vegetarians have also been considered in their menu plans. They have burgers which are purely vegetables with a touch chef taste for very tasty burgers. The food is tasty and always fresh. You can have a look at the grilling method and even make a choice from the display of the chicken and beef flavors if you have all the time to wait. Walk in customers will always find something to fill their stomachs. The food varieties on the menu can fit the children, adults, and even special cases. They also have a special order menu though at different prices.

All the chicken and beef burgers are sandwiched with a vegetable of choice for a balanced diet. Additionally, the nutritive value is taken into consideration for individuals who may want to have facts and figures on the amount of calories consumed. They also take care of nutritional requirements based on age and gender. All these are available in a table form to help you make the comparison as well as make the right choices of food as far as diet is concerned.

Method of cooking

Burger King is renowned for excellent frame grilling method of preparing their meals.  The beef and chicken are pure with no additives or flavors added on them. Whether the meal is a snack, breakfast or a course meal, it is tasty and satisfies your quench for quality meals. Burger King prepares their meals by hand this ensures all the nutrients are utilized and preserved for healthy and tasty meals. It is a place to enjoy freshly cut and high quality burgers.

Source of ingredients

Burger King sources all their ingredients locally. That means the nutritive value is maintained and no preservatives added to keep them fresh. Any meal in Burger King is assured of quality. It also boasts of a constant supply of ingredients since they engage their suppliers on contract terms. This has helped the suppliers to engage in long term cultivation to address inadequacy. A unique aspect of the chain is that the only order what they know they can consume in a day. This guarantees fresh meals daily.


Some chain of restaurants has constant offers on specific products on specific days. They run on a form of coupon codes to give you a discount on specific products on the menu. It is advisable to always be on the look out to enjoy the amazing discounts offered by the chain of restaurants.

Franchising system

Any restaurant distributed across the 70 countries on the globe guarantee the menus listed. The franchising system ensures the menu, ambience and customer service is the same across all the chains of restaurants. You will get the same menu and prices across the restaurants irrespective of location. However, each restaurant has a unique menu to fit the culture of the host country. The BK site is integrated with all the restaurants to help you locate the nearest outlet and all the menus including the prices.

In conclusion, Burger King is the place to be. The variety of menu choices available ensures all nutritional requirements are incorporated in the meals. Lifestyle diseases are associated with poor diet; Burger Kings’ menu has healthy meals to curb the trend. The method of cooking practiced in the restaurant is advisable by health experts for it maintains the nutritive value of all the fresh food and removes harmful cholesterol that might be added to the body when consuming any of the meals. A more unique concept of the restaurant is that they are always available to prepare special dietary meals to meet a specific type of people with special needs.

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