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Au Bon Pain Meals

This is a casual restaurant which specializes in baked food and café meals. It is a casual restaurant whose main meal costs an average of $10. It was founded in 1978 in Boston by Louis Rapuano. The chain boasts of 300 restaurant chains across the globe. Most of them are located inside malls, hospitals, and education institutions. The meals are relatively costly compared to other regular restaurants of its caliber. It has a package for several people who buy a single meal. The menu is comprehensive accompanied with hot and cold sandwiches, salads, wraps, desserts, and coffee as breakfast food meals.



The sandwiches range at an average cost of $ 6.50.  There are three types of sandwiches namely the normal sandwich, sandwiches served in a hot oven and café sandwiches. The normal sandwich consist of caprise, avocado, roast beef all prepared together to make an awesome sandwich which can be used as an accompaniment.  The oven hot sandwiches are the normal ones combined which are either grilled or passed through a hot oven. Café sandwiches include salad, roasted normal sandwiched prepared on an open grill.


These are meals served in the restaurants for taking away customers. They include vegetable and chicken salads. Turkey meals are also served here. They are well prepared and ideal for outings and outdoor events. Main meals are also prepared by salad dressings from lean protein and vegetables from renowned farmers.

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These are meals in Au Bon Pain Menu plans with double combinations of meals. They include a soup and any main meal or the sandwiches. They range from $4 to$6 depending on your menu choice.


Breakfast at Au Bon Pain is very elaborate. There are varieties of snack and breakfast meals to put your stomach to fill. They involve eggs, egg whites, smokes salmon, creamed cheese, sandwiches, and bagels. A unique concept of the breakfast plan is other breakfast meals are prepared by a combination of two or more of these breakfast main meals for a wonderful full breakfast meal. Bagels are prepared from cracked eggs, carefully ground to maintain the color and quality for an awesome bagel preparation. The eggs are also carefully chosen from a farmer who is accredited by government authorities and all the layers monitored. Oatmeal is also prepared from pure oats from a reliable source.


These are drinks served in either hot or iced temperatures. They include coffee, espresso, chocolate, Mocha Latte, Chai Latte and Americano. They are served in 16oz and cost averagely $6-$8. The coffee is brewed from pure Arabian coffee specie freshly harvested and roasted at the restaurant to ensure all the nutritional needs are preserved. Smoothie lovers are not left out in the menu plan. If you require the drink flavors in smoothie form they are also readily available.


This is a trade mark of Au Bon Pain; they ensure the soups are prepared from fresh recipes and ingredients carefully selected so that all quantities are mixed in the right measurements. Most soups contain too much spice which affects the PH of the meals. All the ingredients used are hand chopped from natural vegetables to quench your cravings, thirst, and hunger.


The dessert is less than a dollar and it is a single meal plan of cookie.

Kids’ meal

Kids are not left out in meal planning of Au Bon Pain. All the meals are accompanied by fruits, carrots, chips or a beverage. This is a killer price for a kid meal.


The bakery section of the restaurant produces freshly baked meals throughout the day. The baker’s adds nuts or macadamia to improve its taste and also provide creamy meals. They also combine different drink flavors to meet the high demand of their flavored baked cookies.


Au Bon Pain serves hot main meals. If you also require cold meals they are also available in the menu plans. A special diet is also available. The staffs are qualified to ensure the right food quantity and nutritional requirements are met. All the meals are nutritious and healthy with no additives, preservatives or fillers added on them. The chef ensures the brand has been maintained over the years.  There are adequate fruit varieties which accompany the main meals in the restaurant. You are spoilt for choice on which one to order. If you also have no idea of what you want to eat, the menu plan will guide you on what is best for you at that particular time.


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